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Stage 2 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in effect. Learn more about what you can do during this stage.

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Imagine being in a circus and walking on a tightrope! Challenge your balance by adding obstacles, walking backwards or at different heights.

Where to play: Open area inside the house or outside in the backyard/driveway/sidewalk

Safety tip: Try and make sure your space is clear of other objects


  • Jump rope or piece of string/yarn or tape


In celebration of Senior’s Week, connect with an older adult virtually through a video to try this activity together or taking turns.

Step one

Place a jump rope, piece of string/yarn or long piece of tape on the ground in an open area to create a straight line.

Step two

Begin with your hands out to the side just below shoulder height.

Step three

Place the heel of one foot at one end of the line and transfer your weight from the heel to the toe.

Step four

Place the heel of the other foot in front of the toes.

Step five

Continue to transfer your weight from heel to toe, step by step until you reach the end of the line.

Step six

Try walking backwards. Placing the tow of one foot in the back of the heel of the other foot, transferring your weight from toe to heel.

Step seven

Challenge yourself! Add some household items such as a soup can or recycled bottles along the line as obstacles where you will be challenged to step over your toys!

Extra challenges

  • Try a cartwheel or somersault along the line.
  • Try different heights using a sturdy piece of wood and placing it on top of two stools or chairs or couches on each end.
Legs walking along a line on the floor