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This activity plan is designed for youth to build self-confidence and learn to build on their skills. You can do these activities alone or with friends over any video chat technology such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc.

These activities are designed to support calming and self-control. Trivia questions help capture focus, then that focus is used to complete a mindfulness activity that supports mental health and resiliency.

Duration: 60 - 90 Minutes


Mindfulness activity 1

Time: 5 minutes

Trivia question: What country was the game Checkers invented in? 

Mindfulness activity:

  • Sumo squat with outer thigh pulse (squat and when standing, lift one leg out to the side).
  • Take a deep breath in and release when lifting leg out to the side.
  • How does it feel when you release your breath?

Brain Puzzles


Time: 10-15 minutes


  • Pencil
  • Paper

Challenge your brain to solve the puzzles below. You can do this alone or compete with a friend to see who can get more right.
*you can find the answers at the end of this activity plan

Cup Stack Race


Time: 15 minutes

Supplies: 15 identical cups (Must be able to stack on top of each other. Disposable plastic cups work well)

For this activity, connect with one or more friends on a video chat platform like Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

  • Set up your camera so you and your friend can see each other at a table.
  • Stack 15 cups like a pyramid (watch video).
  • Count down from three, then collapse the pyramid so that all the cups now sit inside each other. Then restack all the cups back into the pyramid formation.
  • The goal is to be the first person to restack all the cups. If one person is much quicker than the other, give them a 5 second delay, and see if they can still stack the cups the fastest.

Mindfulness Activity 2


Time: 5 minutes

Trivia question: What was the first country to use postcards? *you can find the answer at the end of this activity plan
A: Australia      B: Germany     C: Austria

Mindfulness activity:

  • Notice how your belly feels.
  • Breathe fast for 10 seconds.
  • How do you feel? Better? Worse? The same?

Create a Game


Time: 45 minutes


  • Paper
  • Pencil

For this activity, connect with one or more friends on a video chat platform like Skype, Zoom or Facetime. The goal is to make a game that you can play together and share with other friends.

Work with one or two friends to invent a game that you can play together over Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the goal of the game?
  • How many people can play the game?
  • What types of roles do people have in the game?
  • How can we make the game physically active?
  • How can we make the game creative?
  • How can we use our imaginations in the game?
  • What types of equipment do we need to create for the game?

When you have finished developing your game together, play a practice round.

  • Notice what works well, and what needs improvement.
  • Adjust the way your game is played so that it is fun and interesting.
  • When you think your game is perfect, try playing it with other friends and see how it goes!

Trivia Answers


Mindfulness Activity 1: Egypt

Brain teaser answers:

  1. It's up to you.
  2. Different strokes.
  3. The start of something big.
  4. Just in case.
  5. Fouled up.
  6. Jay walking.
  7. Just between you and me.
  8. Scrambled eggs.
  9. Deep sea fishing.
  10. Forget it.
  11. More to it than meets the eye.
  12. Space invaders.
  13. That is beside the point.
  14. Water under the bridge.
  15. Highway overpass.
  16. Making ends meet.

Mindfulness Activity 3: C - Austria​