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Make fitness a lifelong habit for your students. We provide a number of fitness programs for junior high and high school students in grades 7 through 12. Classes take place both in the water and on dry land. Intensity levels may be adjusted to match the needs of your students.

Fitness training

G​rades: 7 – 12

Location: Available at our Aquatic and Fitness Centres and Leisure Centres.
See our list of locations.

Registration / more information: To inquire about availability and/or pricing for school programs, please visit School Program Inquiries.


Available classes


Aquacize water fitness classes incorporate the buoyancy and resistance of water to challenge the cardiovascular system and large muscle groups. Exercises are done in shallow to chest deep water, accompanied with music – Non-swimmers are encouraged to attend. Buoyancy equipment such as foam dumbbells may be incorporated into the class to target specific muscle groups. The class will wrap up with gentle static stretching.

Deep water workout

Deep water workout classes incorporate the buoyancy and resistance of water to challenge your cardiovascular system and large muscle groups. The class uses a floatation belt in the deep water tank for a total body workout. Non-swimmers are encouraged to attend - the belt will keep the participant buoyant. This is a totally non-impact class which may use buoyancy resistance equipment.

Conditioning swim

This program is designed to maintain your strokes while increasing your muscular strength and endurance. Coaching tips may be provided on swim training and stroke technique.

Step & Pump

This workout combines the challenge of cardio of step with resistance training using a variety of hand weights and/or tubing.

Beginner step

The instructor will lead the students through a step class introducing the different cuing and step patterns used in traditional step classes. The level of the class can be varied by adding more complex patterns and cues or by increasing the number of risers to the step platform.


Try this Latin dance inspired fitness class. Easy to follow steps to coincide with a celebration of Latin and world music with superior cardio, toning, and FUN in one class.

Circuit training

Circuit training utilizes intervals of weight resistance and cardiovascular exercises. One-minute interval stations are set up throughout the fitness centre. The goal is to keep the heart rate elevated while strengthening and toning muscles.

Strength Training for Youth

This introductory program covers proper techniques of weight training using a combination of free weights and machines. Upon successful completion of the Strength Training course, youth ages 13-15 are issued a City of Calgary Youth Strength Training card or sticker which must be presented prior to admittance into the facility weight room. (Age 13 years & up)


This exciting and challenging class is trendy with teens and younger adults. It applies a circuit class structure with a variety of stations such as heavy bags, skipping ropes, shadow boxing, and the stationary punching ball. Emphasis is on correct form, cardiovascular training, and muscle toning.

Martial arts

A recreational introduction to the basics, emphasizing fun, respect and self confidence.


By practicing Yoga, students will gain body awareness, strength, balance and flexibility. This class will teach students valuable methods of relaxation, muscle conditioning, and stress reduction through the self-discipline of yoga movements.


This progressive series of exercises tones and elongates muscles, increase abdominal and back strength, improves postural and body mechanics, reduce joint and lower back stress, and balance flexibility with strength.

Interested in other program options? Check out our programs for schools​ or visit to learn how to register for individual programs.

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