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Alcohol in parks

Alcohol consumption is permitted at select locations in city parks.

Book a picnic table or picnic site

Drinking alcohol is permitted at some neighbourhood picnic tables, select large picnic sites, a few open areas within City of Calgary parks and some fire pits.

After a successful pilot in summer 2021, Council approved the expansion of park spaces designated for alcohol consumption.

Based on feedback from participant surveys, more individual picnic tables have been added to high-density neighbourhoods where citizens may not have a private backyard to socialize with family and friends.

Large open areas where people can walk around with their drink or set down a picnic blanket and some large picnic sites (multiple picnic tables) have also been designated for alcohol consumption.

Alcohol in Parks 2021 pilot program

The Alcohol in Parks 2021 pilot was very successful with over 1500 bookings and additional first-come, first-served use. Surveys indicated that over 65 per cent of Calgarians supported the program, 96 per cent of users found the program was a great alternative to being indoors and 73 per cent indicated that their park visitation increased because of the program.

Council voted to expand the program on Dec. 6, 2021.

Rules for drinking in parks

The following rules apply to all Calgary green spaces designated for alcohol consumption:

  • Alcohol consumption is permitted between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. only.
  • Drink in moderation and be a good neighbour. Be aware of Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelinesPublic intoxication and disruptive behaviour, including public urination, is not tolerated. Most sites designated for alcohol consumption do not have public washrooms nearby, plan accordingly.
  •  AGLC Act allows for alcohol consumption only at designated sites. Areas where alcohol is permitted are clearly signed. 
  • A person must stop consuming liquor in an area designated for alcohol consumption if a Calgary Police officer or community peace officer believes that they are intoxicated and requests that they stop consuming liquor.
  • Don’t drink and drive! Call 911 if you see someone drinking and driving.
  • Remove all garbage and empty drink containers from the site before you leave the table. 

Where can you drink in parks?

There are four types of locations where alcohol is permitted in parks: neighbourhood picnic tables, large picnic sitesopen areas and winter fire pits.

Neighbourhood picnic tables

These individual picnic tables are designated for alcohol consumption and are located in neighbourhood parks. Picnic tables can be booked for free or used on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bookings are available in 2-hour increments. But, participants may make multiple bookings or remain longer if no other bookings have been made.

You can only drink alcohol at neighbourhood picnic tables that have an 'Alcohol permitted at tables only' sign attached. 

You can either book the table in advance using your City of Calgary Live and Play account or scan the QR code on the sign (attached to the table) to find out if it is available and then use your City of Calgary Live and Play account to book the table.


'Alcohol permitted at tables only' sign.

Locations of neighbourhood picnic tables where alcohol is permitted

NW picnic table locations

Location and booking code

Confederation Park West Alcohol Table 1: CHW402_001

Confederation Park West Alcohol Table 1: CHW402_002

Crestmont Alcohol Table: CRM002_001

Dalhousie CTrain Station Park Alcohol Table: DAL125_001

Edgemont Alcohol Table 1: EDG055_001

Edgemont Alcohol Table 2: EDG055_002

Evanspark TC Drypond Alcohol Table 1: EVN271_001

Evanspark TC Drypond Alcohol Table 2: EVN271_002

Greenview Industrial Park Alcohol Table 1: GRI829_001

Greenview Industrial Park Alcohol Table 2: GRI829_002

Hidden Valley Off-Leash Area 1 Alcohol Table: HID535_001

Highland Park Alcohol Table 1: HPK823_001

Highland Park Alcohol Table 2: HPK823_002

Panorama Hills Alcohol Table: PAN060_001

Panorama Hills Alcohol Table: PAN096_001

Riley Park Alcohol Table 1: HIL056_001

Riley Park Alcohol Table 3: HIL056_003

Sage Hill Alcohol Table 1: SGH001_001

Sage Hill Alcohol Table 2: SGH001_002

Sage Hill Alcohol Table 3 and 4: SGH001_003

Sherwood Sq Lake Park Alcohol Table: SHW005_001

West Hillhurst 21 St Alcohol Table: WHL492_001

NE picnic table locations

Location and booking code

McDougall Park Alcohol Table 1: BRD852_001

McDougall Park Alcohol Table 2: BRD852_002

Country Hills Alcohol Table 1: COU014_001

Country Hills Alcohol Table 2: COU014_002

Lawson's Park Alcohol Table: REN793_001

Livingston Alcohol Table 1: LIV001_001

Livingston Alcohol Table 2: LIV001_002

Mayland Heights Alcohol Table: MAL508_001

Highland Park Alcohol Table 2: HPK823_002

Munro Park Alcohol Table 1: WIN850_001

Pineridge Alcohol Table: PIN301_001

Redstone Alcohol Table: RSN004_001

Rotary Park Alcohol Table: CRE876_001

Skyview Alcohol Table: SKR001_001

Taralake Park Alcohol Table: TAR137_001

Templeby Park Alcohol Table: TEM056_001

Vista Heights Diamonds Alcohol Table 1: VIS250_001

Vista Heights Diamonds Alcohol Table 2: VIS250_002

SW picnic table locations

Location and booking code

AD Ross Park Alcohol Table: GAG557_001

Bankview Off Leash Park Alcohol Table: BNK853_001

Braeside Park Alcohol Table: BRA102_001

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 1: BLN004_001

Cedar Crescent Park Alcohol Table: SPR779_001

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 2: BLN004_002

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 3: BLN004_003

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 4: BLN004_004

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 5: BLN004_005

Connaught Park Alcohol Table 6: BLN004_006

Cougarstone Park Alcohol Table: CGR208_001

Glamorgan Off Leash Park Alcohol Table: GLA623_001

Legacy Park Alcohol Table: LEG021_001

Richmond 22 Ave Alcohol Table: RIC851_001

Richmond Green Park Alcohol Table: RIC700_001

Somerset Park Alcohol Table: SOM651_001

Springbank Hill Community Park Alcohol Table: SPH989_001

Triangle Park Alcohol Table: SCA861_001

Wentworth Sq Alcohol Table 1: WSP035_001

Wentworth Sq Alcohol Table 2: WSP035_002

West Grove GS Alcohol Table 1: WSP044_001

Woods Park Alcohol Table 1: EPK300_001

Woods Park Alcohol Table 2: EPK300_002

SE picnic table locations

Locations and booking code

Chaparral Ravine South Alcohol Table 1: CHA835_001

Chaparral Ravine South Alcohol Table 2: CHA835_002

Copperpond Square Alcohol Table: CPF005_001

Enoch Park Alcohol Table 1: BLN021_001 

Enoch Park Alcohol Table 2: BLN021_002

Enoch Park Alcohol Table 3: BLN021_003

Flavelle Park Alcohol Table 2: FAI202_002

Forest Lawn 14 Ave & 52 St Alcohol Table 1: FLN605_001

Forest Lawn 14AV&52ST Alcohol Table 1: FLN605_002

Inglewood Zoo Bridge Alcohol Table 1: ING012_001

Inglewood Zoo Bridge Alcohol Table 2: ING012_002

Inglewood Zoo Bridge Alcohol Table 3: ING012_003

Lynnwood Ridge Park Alcohol Table: OGD791_001

Prestwick Fountain Park Alcohol Table 1: MCT834_001

Prestwick Fountain Park Alcohol Table 2: MCT834_002

Riverstone Park Alcohol Table: RIV871_001

Zipline Park Alcohol Table: CRA074_001

Use the map to find neighbourhood picnic tables where alcohol is permitted.

Large picnic sites

Some picnic sites located in Calgary’s larger regional parks are designated for alcohol consumption.

Picnic sites include multiple picnic tables and often have amenities like fire pits, shelters and seasonal washrooms nearby.

These sites are often pre-booked months in advance at a cost (booking cost applies if they are designated for alcohol consumption or not) but, if available, can also be used on a first-come, first-served bases.

Learn more about booking a picnic site.

Locations of large picnic sites where alcohol is permitted

Edworthy Park: Site 1, Site 2, Site 8 and Site 9
North Glenmore Park: Blue Jay, Kingfisher, Meadowlark, Peregrine and Song Sparrow
Sandy Beach: Picnic site 5, Picnic site 6, Picnic site 7, Picnic site 8
Shouldice: Picnic site 1
Stanley Park: Picnic site 1

Use the map to find which picnic sites permit alcohol.

Open areas

Some open areas within Calgary park spaces are designated for alcohol consumption.

Those interested in playing frisbee while having a beer or two with friends or enjoying a wine and cheese spread on a picnic blanket or taking a stroll while having a drink can do so at these select open areas and parks. Onsite signage at these green spaces clearly defines where you can drink.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited outside boundaries indicated on onsite signage—even if you are still within the same park. Boundaries are designed to avoid child-focused amenities like playgrounds. 

Locations of open areas within parks where alcohol is permitted

Barb Scott Park
Buckmaster Park
Lindsay Park
Southview Off-Leash Area
Tomkins Park
West Baker Park

Winter fire pits

Some firepits in The City are designated for alcohol consumption during winter months.

If you have questions, please contact 3-1-1.