Tree-care and education

Tree-care and education

Thanks to generations of tree-loving citizens, Calgary is a city of green, with over 1.5 million trees in our urban forest.

Did you know that over half our city’s trees are located on private land? We want to help Calgarians to plant new trees, while caring for the ones we already have. Our eLearning modules offer basic tree-care information: learn at your own pace, when convenient, for absolutely no cost.

Watch the YYC Trees: Pruning Basics and Pest and Disease session recordings and read over the Common Question and Answers

Learning modules

Right Tree, Right Location

Planting your own tree can be a little daunting. This course will help you choose and plant a new tree in your yard.

Your Tree, Year Round

You've purchased a new tree, selected the right location and planted it. Now what? Our second module provides basic tree care tips and knowledge for year-round tree care in Calgary's climate​

Storm Damage, Tree Pests

Keep your investment growing and healthy: this module has basic care tips and knowledge for storm damage, and dealing with tree pests and diseases.​

In-person tree education programs

Currently there are no in-person tree education programs running. Please check in early 2023 for new workshops.

Tree workshops

The workshops below are approximately 1.5 hours in length and feature a live Q&A session at the end with a City of Calgary Urban Forestry Technician to offer advice and answer any tree related questions or concerns.

We have hosted two online events in 2021 - Pruing Basics Workshop and Pest and Disease Workshop. Slide documents and common question and answer documents are available for download.

Currently, there are no new workshops scheduled.

Pruning Basics Workshops

Not sure how to prune your trees? Afraid you will do more harm than good?

In March 2021, we held a series of workshops discussing why you need to prune your trees, the best time of year to do your pruning and the best tools to use to keep your tree happy and healthy for many years to come.

Watch the recorded Pruning Basics Workshop session:

Download the Pruning Basics presentation slides and YYC Trees: Common Pruning Questions from the March workshops.

Pests and Disease Workshops

Have you looked at your trees and noticed they aren’t as healthy as they use to be and wondered what could be happening to them? Do you think you could improve your knowledge about tree health?

In April 2021, we held a series of workshops discussing the common tree diseases in Calgary, what they look like, what treatments can be used and where to go for more information.

Watch the recorded Pest and Disease Workshop session:

Download the Pest and Disease presentations slides from the April workshops.