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Healthy, structurally-sound poplar trees along streets and in parks provide a number of advantages to our neighbourhoods and are not normally removed.

However, The City recognizes that homeowners may wish to have a specific problematic poplar tree removed from City property. To aid those citizens, we have the Poplar Removal Policy, which may allow for the removal of a poplar tree providing that certain conditions are met.

Poplar tree removal conditions

These are the conditions that must be met:

  • The poplar concern cannot be easily remedied through other means and is of significant nuisance.
  • The tree must be a City tree. These trees area typically located on boulevards / City of Calgary right-of-ways.
  • The City of Calgary Parks approves the removal.
  • The cost of a new tree plus removal costs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Location of the newly planted tree may be at the original site or elsewhere in the community. Removal costs will vary with the size of the tree.
  • The property owner pays the cost of the removal and the replacement tree. The tree and stump removal must be completed by an approved contractor.
  • A survey of twenty neighbouring residences must be completed. Ten residences across the street from the tree and five on each side are required. Signatories are also to express their approval or disapproval of the removal plan. Verifiable signatures, names, addresses, telephone numbers and approval/disapproval must be included in the survey.

To apply submit a Poplar Removal Survey of 20 neighbouring residence's opinions and send it along with a letter stating the reason(s) why the tree should be removed and an outline of the future plans for the site, to:

City of Calgary, Parks, Urban Forestry (#75)
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

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