Vendors in Parks

Vendors in parks

Submit applications from vendors for the fall/winter 2023 season.

Submit an application here

*Note: Applications are not being accepted for spring/summer 2023 at this time. Stay tuned for this application opening date in early 2023.

Our Seasonal Vendor Program enhances the enjoyment and usage of parks and greenspaces through the provision of seasonal sport, recreation, and cultural opportunities.

Vendors support the creation, enhancement, and continuation of economic and tourism opportunities in parks, including providing goods and services to park users that complement and enhance their experience and overall appreciation of these cherished spaces.

Step 1: Prior to applying

Starting a business

Applicants are encouraged to visit MyBusiness in advance of submitting an application to learn more about starting a business, and the tools and resources available to new and existing business owners.

Types of vendors permitted

  • Vendors who encourage use of the park, are unique to a park setting, or support existing park activities are permitted. Some examples of vendor activities that are permitted include the following:
    • Rental of game equipment to encourage activity and play
    • Bicycle rentals and/or repairs
    • Rafting services including equipment rental, repair and shuttle
    • Skate, snowshoe and/or cross country ski rental
    • Dog washing stations
  • Food services operated from a push cart or bicycle are considered in this program. Typically these vendors offer food and/or beverages that encourage people to stay in a park.
  • Food trucks are considered in designated parking stalls. This program is operated separately. Visit Booking Food Truck Stalls for more information.

Eligible Parks

Vendors are encouraged to operate in many of our parks and greenspaces. However, due to capacity such as parking, some parks cannot accommodate any further vendors. Several of our parks are at capacity, and vendors may be directed to parks other than their preferred choice.

Note: Prince’s Island Park is only available for large-scale annual festivals and event. Apply for a Special Event Permit.


Electrical access is limited in park settings; electrical connection to on-site power may require a City electrician and material at an additional cost to the vendor.

Use of a generator in a park settings is discouraged for public safety and environmental reasons. A request to use a generator is to be noted in the application and must be approved by The City.

Waste and recycling, grey water removal and disposal, and other utilities are the vendor’s responsibility.


Fees can range and will be negotiated depending on the specific location, season, service provided, and other unique circumstances.

Step 2: Applying to be a vendor

Application timelines

  • We are now accepting applications from vendors for the fall/winter 2023 season.
  • Applications are not being accepted for spring/summer 2023 or beyond at this time.
  • More information on application submission for spring/summer 2023 will be posted in early 2023.
  • Applications can take 6 - 8 weeks to review and are processed in the order they were received.
  • To avoid processing delays, please ensure your application includes all of the necessary information and required documents. Failure to do so may result in the denial of your application

Application process

  1. Submit an application; ensure all Seasonal Vendor Required Documents are attached to your application. 
  2. Applicants will receive an automated confirmation email once an application has been submitted. 
  3. A Calgary Parks representative will contact an applicant if additional information or a site visit is required as part of the review process. All other applicants will be notified via email of the status of their application within 6-8 weeks.  
  4. Successful applicants will be expected to provide the following documents thirty (30) calendar days prior to their expected commencement date: 
  5. Provided all the requirements have been met, the successful applicant begins operation on the expected commencement date.

V.I.P. Popup Pilot

The Vendors in Parks Popup pilot has ended. We are now assessing the results and feedback to help guide next steps.

Thank you for participating and providing feedback. A "What we heard" report will be made available once completed. To see information about the pilot program, and some of the feedback submitted you can visit our Engage page here.


For general inquiries on the Seasonal Vendor in Parks program please contact us via email.

For inquiries related to existing applications or to check the status of your application please contact 311 or visit 311 Online Services and reference your unique SR Number. This will indicate your application status and if outstanding documents are required.