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Property Research


Downloading files

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The City of Calgary can provide a wide range of planning-related records, plans and data for Calgary properties. Information can be requested by calling 311 or submitting an online 311 request form. Details about these services and associated criteria are below.

Please​ note: your records will not be ordered until a records and information management representative contacts you and confirms your request details.

Permit infor​mation

The City can provide customers with detailed and technical information about Calgary properties. This information is pulled from building permits, development permits, real property reports, development site servicing plans, subdivision applications, trade permits, and land use amendments. For a complete list of available services, fees and records, please see the Residential and Commercial/Multi-Family guidelines.

​​​​​311 Property Information request​​


There are options available for organizations and individuals looking for building and planning related information:

Please contact 311 for more information.

​​​​​311 Subscription Services request​​

 ​Frequently asked questions about property research

How far back do your records go?

Residential property records with one and two-family dwellings are usually available from 1979 to present. Commercial/multi-family property records are usually available from 1969 to present. Some records prior to 1970 may exist on microform.​​

What is the cost to order records?

We charge a base fee of $55 for one residential record. We charge a base fee of $100 for one commercial/multi-family record. All additional records are $32 each. Further costs will be explained when a City of Calgary representative contacts the requestor.

What happens after I make a request with 311? 

You will be contacted by The City of Calgary within 11 days of submitting a request. We will confirm your details and process your payment. Once payment is received, please allow three to five business days for us to retrieve the records from our off-site storage facility. Requests for more than five records will require additional time. Rush requests are not an option.

Once your records have arrived at The City's Planning Service Centre, we will contact the requestor to make an appointment to view the files.

What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?

We cannot guarantee the records content. Please note there are no refunds if the desired information is not in the file.

Can I pick up the records to review at my home or office?

No. Records must be viewed at the Planning Services Centre. You may not take records off the premises.

How can I obtain copies?

Plans, blueprints, real property reports, diagrams and drawings are copyrighted material. You may not photograph or trace any documents. The City may copy material for certain customers if the specified requirements outlined below are met. Please note if you are not the applicant on file, the registered property owner(s), an agent/representative of the applicant/registered property owner(s), or the copyright owner, we are unable to reproduce copyrighted material for you. We suggest contacting the copyright owner directly.

Applicant on File

Only the applicant or their agent/representative may obtain copies of copyrighted plans or materials from active permits. Property owners wanting copies of permit materials should contact the applicant.

The City may provide a replacement copy if all of the following conditions are met:

  • a completed Permit Replacement Authorization Form is provided
  • the original Applicant’s Release Package/Contractor’s Copy is lost
  • the replacement copy is used only for the purpose of obtaining an inspection of the subject property.

Registered Property Owner

The registered property owner(s) or an agent/representative may obtain a single copy of copyrighted plans or materials from historical permits if all of the following conditions are met:

  • a completed Reproduction / Authorization Form is provided
  • the materials are used for individual research purposes only - The City can reproduce this copyrighted material for such purposes on your behalf under the fair dealing exception (Section 29) of the Canadian Copyright Act.

Copyright Owner

The copyright owner or their agent/representative may obtain copies of plans or materials from The City. We require a consent letter from the copyright owner to reproduce the plans or materials for the copyright owner. The letter must meet all of the following criteria and information requirements:

  • written on company letterhead or sent from a company email address
  • affirm that the individual or corporation signing the letter is the sole owner of the copyright for the materials;
  • note the permit number, address, legal description and/or project number
  • specify the number of copies
  • provide a telephone number and an email address for the individual signing the letter

When will my copies be ready?

Once you have submitted the proper documentation providing authorization for The City to reproduce the copyrighted materials, please allow two to three working days for reproduction.

What if I need to look at the records again?

Once you have viewed the records, they will be held for a maximum of 15 working days to allow for follow up, and then returned to the off-site storage facility. If you require the records after they have been returned to storage, the initial search fee will be charged for retrieval.

What data is provided with my subscription?

  • A complete list of applications for new single and two-family residential housing permits each month. This list is organized by community and builder name. It is distributed electronically the first weekday of each month.
  • A complete list of all applications for new apartment buildings, triplex, fourplex and townhouse permits for each month. This list is organized by community and builder name. It is distributed electronically the first weekday of each month.
  • A complete chronological list of building permit applications. This list is distributed electronically the first business day of each week.
  • A complete list of tenancy change applications within existing buildings. It is distributed electronically the first business day of each week.

Does The City provide applicant phone numbers in subscription lists?

 No, applicant phone numbers and email addresses are not included in subscription lists

Can I start a subscription partway through the year?

Yes, subscriptions prices are set on a weekly or monthly basis, so you can subscribe any time during the year at a pro-rated price. To learn about current subscription prices, please refer to the Planning Documents & Records fee schedule above or contact 311.

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