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Joint Use and Planning Agreement

The Joint Use and Planning Agreement is a partnership between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Catholic School District and the Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud.

The Agreement provides the tools and guidance required to achieve complete communities. It also outlines the coordinated approach to the allocation, use, planning and development, and maintenance of municipal reserve, open space, and school sites to address the evolving needs of Calgarians.

The Agreement is implemented by the Joint Use Coordinating Committee. This committee is made up of representatives from The City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Catholic School District and the Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud.

The JUCC also provides advice to the subdivision authority on Municipal Reserve, Municipal School Reserve and School Reserve for jointly shared sites. They prioritize the allocation of reserve funds in the order of:

  • neighbourhood (elementary) schools and open space
  • community (junior high/middle) schools and open space
  • regional (high) schools, regional recreation facilities, and open space

Types of joint use sites

  • Joint use site

    A joint use site is land set aside for or including a school building, a location for a school building or a school playing field and community playing fields with facilities and grounds that are accessible to both school and non-school users.

  • Municipal reserve

    Municipal reserve is a piece of land that can only be used for parks and related purposes outlined in the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.

  • Open space

    An open space includes current and potential future parks, pathways, roadway greens, land for parks and recreation facilities, golf courses, cemeteries, and other alternative use of green space.

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