Centre City and its social implications

The Centre City neighbourhoods of Downtown East Village, the Beltline, the Downtown Commercial Core, Chinatown, Eau Claire and Downtown West End are home to over 35,000 Calgarians, and employ over 150,000 workers. Their health and vitality are vitally important to the city as a whole.

Five million visitors come to Calgary each year, many of them staying in and enjoying the attractions that the Centre City Offers. Strong, connected communities within the Centre City are crucial to making it a pleasant, safe place to live, work and play. Community and Neighbourhood Services' Social Policy and Planning division played a key role in preparing the background reports required to develop the Centre City Plan in 2005 and 2006.

Currently, SP&P is responsible for coordinating, on behalf of CNS, the implementation, monitoring and reporting on various goals in Chapter 9 of the Centre City Plan, the Community Building chapter. These goals include preventive measures such as:

  • addressing crime safety and social disorder
  • helping homeless people
  • promoting affordable housing
  • fostering social inclusion
  • cleanliness

Reports and initiatives

Centre City in the broader context

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