Centennial Planetarium Renovations

The former Centennial Planetarium is designated to provide a public space for arts, culture and heritage purposes.  It was placed on Calgary’s Heritage Inventory in 2009 because of its cultural and historic significance to Calgarians. 


Centennial Planetarium, a City-owned building at 701 11th Street SW, opened in 1967 to mark Canada’s Centennial, ad was occupied until June 20, 2011. The facility had not been upgraded or renovated in many years and was urgently in need of renovation to support future occupancy.

Recreation facilities are a critical component in ensuring active, cultural, vibrant and complete communities. The former planetarium is being renovated to provide a modern, safe space that meets current occupancy requirements and building standards.


The budget for this project, including planning, design and construction, is $24.5 million. Renovations to the facility are funded by the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI). The investment ensures the long-term viability of recreational spaces.


The facility is designed to the Access Design Standards (2016) for accessibility.


Phase 1 (October – December 2017):

Construction focused on the East building, and included:

  • Upgrades to restrooms and food preparation room
  • Construction of a media room
  • Installation of modern fire and life safety systems
  • Installation of new lighting systems
  • Conversion of the main room to a large gallery space

Phase 2 (January – December 2018):

Construction focuses on the West buildings, and includes:

  • Replacement of heating system
  • Modernization of the HVAC system
  • Upgrades to electrical systems
  • Installation of modern IT systems
  • Remediation of asbestos
  • Upgrades and renovation of office space, food preparation areas and washrooms
  • Renovation of the main dome as a gallery space
  • Replacement of roofing
  • Installation of new lighting systems
  • Upgrades to seating in the dome and auditorium spaces
  • Refurbishment of flooring tile
  • Construction of a new plaza entryway
  • Refurbishment of the parking area and addition of accessible parking stalls
  • Renewal of landscaping
  • Installation of new security systems inside and outside the facility

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