Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

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Project update: January 2021

Construction work is now complete:

  • Improved access to and from the historic views of Evamy Ridge Park and open space
  • Designated trail
  • Installation of staircases 

Restoration of any area disturbed by the construction will be undertaken in spring 2021.

About Evamy Ridge Park

Evamy Ridge Park (also known as Hillcrest Hill or Cliff Bungalow Escarpment) is beloved parkland that boarders the neighbourhoods of Cliff Bungalow and Mount Royal. It offers historic views of downtown and was a gift from CP Rail in 1920 with the understanding that it be kept as parkland.

Evamy Ridge Park construction area

Area under construction

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