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Nose Hill Park Trail and Pathway improvement plan

At the height of Calgary's urban landscape lies Nose Hill Park, an 11-square kilometre natural area with an impressive network of pathways and trails, not to mention plenty of natural flora and fauna. The City is committed to maintaining and protecting this natural resource so it can be enjoyed by Calgarians for years to come.

Project updates

Over the past few years, a number of projects were undertaken in Nose Hill Park as part of the implementation of the Nose Hill Trail and Pathway Plan. These improvements to the park are intended to lessen the impact of park visitors on wildlife and native vegetation. Improvements will also enhance park visitors' experience, fostering appreciation for this beautiful park, celebrating its history and natural characteristics.

Construction activities focus on the following work:

  • Building primary (gravel) trails, timber landscape stairs and stabilized tread (dirt - single track) trails.
  • Installation of trail markers to improve user way finding.

As work progresses on these initiatives, please use caution near construction sites, follow detours and adhere to park signage. View Nose Hill project documents. Please check back for project updates.

About the Nose Hill Trail and Pathway plan

Nose Hill Park has a survival plan - a plan that balances recreational use and environmental protection. Beginning in 2006, The City started implementing changes to lessen the impact of park visitors on wildlife and native vegetation.

The Nose Hill Trail and Pathway Plan was developed with public input to address a variety of longstanding issues, including the proliferation of more than 300 km of informal trails.

Nose Hill Park

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