Quarry Road Trail, located in the community of Spruce Cliff, is a popular commuter trail into the downtown core, and an area for Calgarians to walk and enjoy nature.

Connecting to the Edworthy Park and Douglas Fir Trails, there is historical significance to Quarry Road Trail; it was previously used as a haul road during the "sandstone era" of the late 1800s and early 1900s, when Calgary's urban development was defined by sandstone buildings. Among other uses, the trail was used to transport sandstone to the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.

It is the last major regional trail/pathway connection in Calgary with a soft gravel-like surface, and The City is planning improvements to Quarry Road Trail to ensure safe, continued use of this area for citizens and a preservation of the historic aspects of the trail.

Project update

In March 2015, we invited you to share your thoughts and feedback with us regarding potential improvements to the Quarry Road Trail. The What We Heard Report is a summary of that input.

In September 2015, we invited you to attend an information session with the design plan for Quarry Road Trail improvements; we built upon the information gathered during the March open house, presented rationale on proposed design changes, and the current concept for the trail alignment. Citizen feedback supported keeping the trail surface as natural as possible (no paving), with additions of safety and drainage improvements.

Construction improvement to Quarry Road Trail area anticipated to begin in the spring of 2017.

Thank you for your feedback!

Quarry Road Trail
Aerial view of Quarry Road Trail

Aerial view of Quarry Road Trail

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