Rocky Ridge Athletic Complex

The City of Calgary is developing an athletic complex adjacent to the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge. The athletic complex includes an athletic park with two outdoor multi-use sports fields and supporting amenities (i.e. changerooms, washrooms, parking and lighting) and a fieldhouse to be constructed as funding becomes available. 


With a growing city comes a growing demand for year-round opportunities to practice, play, train and compete. To meet the need for playfield surfaces in northwest Calgary, The City is constructing a new athletic park in Rocky Ridge.


In 2012, Council approved the Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility Master Plan that included development of a fieldhouse and athletic park to be built following completion of the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge, to meet the growing recreation needs in Calgary’s northwest. The opening of the YMCA in 2018 made a significant contribution; the completion of the athletic park will build upon Council’s commitment. The facility will be comprised of two outdoor multi-use sports fields and supporting amenities (i.e., changerooms, washrooms, parking, and lighting).


Construction of the athletic park will begin in summer 2024. The fieldhouse component is currently unfunded.


The athletic complex will be located adjacent to the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge. The early concept places the athletic park (outdoor multi-use sports fields) east of the YMCA and the future Rocky Ridge Fieldhouse (currently unfunded).

While the final design is dependent on budget, the vision includes:

  • two outdoor multi-use sports fields, either natural or artificial turf
  • washrooms
  • parking
  • lighting
  • landscaping
  • site furniture
  • irrigation
  • multi-use Fieldhouse

The athletic park is in the design development phase, with construction expected to begin in summer 2024.

The fieldhouse will be presented to Council in fall 2022 as an option for funding in the next four-year budget cycle (2023-2026).

Location of the Athletic Park Site, Fieldhouse Site and Shane Homes YMCA


  • Spring 2021 – Fall 2022: Initial concept development
  • Fall 2022 – Spring 2024: Athletic Park design (outdoor fields & amenities)
  • Summer 2024 – Construction start
  • Spring 2026 - Athletic Park open for use

Timelines are variable and dependent on weather, ground conditions and other unforeseen circumstances (i.e. supply chain delays).


The Rocky Ridge Athletic Park is partially funded by the Revised Capital Investment Strategy, with an estimated budget of $17 million.

The Rocky Ridge Fieldhouse is currently unfunded for design and construction.


Capital investment in this project will contribute $10.7 million to the GDP.


It will generate 76 full-time equivalent jobs during project design and delivery (based on Infrastructure Calgary’s economic impact assessment model).


Investment in public recreation infrastructure is important for promoting the local economy, fostering cultural vitality and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. 

The athletic park will improve levels of service by increasing the availability of outdoor fields in the northwest where Calgarian’s can practice, play, train, and compete.

Once complete, the full Rocky Ridge Athletic Complex will provide year-round, accessible recreation opportunities for the growing and diversifying communities in the region.

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