Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon Arena Upgrades

Arena Upgrades Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon

Originally built in 1968 with the addition of a second arena in 1983, the Rose Kohn & Jimmie Condon arenas underwent necessary mechanical, electrical and operational repairs and upgrades to modernize the facility and preserve this well-used community hub. 


Upgrades and renovations to the building included:

  • Replacement and expansion of the Jimmie Condon arena ice slab to NHL dimensions
  • Replacement of the two existing refrigeration systems with a single refrigeration system to increase energy efficiency
  • Renovation of existing change rooms to a barrier-free format
  • Addition of new public washrooms
  • Addition of a multipurpose room and meeting rooms
  • Upgrades to the front entrance
  • Increased spectator seating to over 240 seats
  • Integrated energy efficient lighting & equipment
  • Mechanical and HVAC upgrades
  • Repainting the facility interior and exterior
  • Flooring improvements
  • Accessibility improvements


This project generated approximately 49 full-time jobs and contributed nearly $7 million to the GDP1.


$12.5 million was invested into this project.


  • January 2021, Construction began.
  • December 2021, Construction completed. Ice preparation began.
  • January 2022, Ice preparation completed. Arenas reopened to customers. 

Project photos

1Based on estimates from Infrastructure Calgary’s economic impact assessment model

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