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Shouldice Athletic Park Artificial Turf Restoration and Resiliency Project

The City of Calgary Recreation is pleased to announce that construction on the Hellard and Stampeder fields at Shouldice Athletic Park is complete. The fields will be substantially completed on August 12. Calgary Recreation will accept new bookings beginning August 14.

The 2013 flood caused damage to all three artificial turf fields at Shouldice Athletic Park. While interim repairs allowed for their continued use, a permanent solution was required to ensure the longevity of the fields for future generations of athletes. In 2014, The City of Calgary hired a consultant to investigate the extent and cause of the damage. The consultant found that significant groundwater movement during the flood displaced sub base materials, causing sinkholes and surface depressions. Frost movement, exacerbated by the natural geology of the river valley and Calgary’s unique climate, also contributed to heaving. The consultant recommended that all three fields be replaced, and that resiliency measures be undertaken to prevent future damage.

The project was originally divided into three phases. Staggering the work over three seasons ensured that two artificial turf fields would remain playable at all times, minimizing the impact to sport groups. Sport groups and residents expressed they would prefer an expedited solution to minimize the duration of construction. At the beginning of the project in 2016, The City committed to exploring options to expedite this work and in the fall of 2016, the decision was made to complete construction on two fields at once to finish the project a year early.​​​​

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