Located along 30th Avenue and 16th Street S.W., South Calgary Park is a popular community destination for residents of Marda Loop and surrounding communities. Due to its age, this well-loved park is in need of upgrades and repairs which are made possible through the Community Investment Fund established by Council in 2011.

Existing park features:

  • Soccer/athletic field
  • Softball/baseball diamond
  • Picnic tables

The City of Calgary Parks is pleased to work with the Marda Loop community and Calgarians to enhance South Calgary Park. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing park features and use patterns, the following improvements are proposed:

  • Defined entrances at parking lots located off 32nd and 30th Avenues
  • A central gathering area with group seating, shade structures and vegetation
  • A trail creating a loop circuit in the park
  • A new basketball court
  • Additional benches, picnic tables and shade trees
  • Removal of central baseball/softball diamond and incorporation of soccer/athletic field

Park safety, use and aesthetics were important factors in identifying these improvements.​​​​​​​

South Calgary Park

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