The City of Calgary is committed to taking action to reduce the cost of operating our buildings while addressing our goals to improve the long-term resilience of infrastructure such as administrative buildings, water treatment plants, composting facilities, and recreation centres.

Take a look at the project highlights and maps below for examples of how Calgary is taking a leadership role in advancing green building technologies.

Project highlights

  • Ralph Klein Park

    The Environmental Education Centre located at Ralph Klein Park is a LEED Platinum certified project.

  • Calgary Composting Facility

    The Calgary Composting Facility is the largest of its kind in Canada, and the first commercial building in Alberta registered under LEED® v4.

  • Telus Spark

    A proud Civic Partners, Telus Spark is committed to sustainability by being a LEED® Gold Certified facility and has solar panels installed on its roof for green energy production.

  • Stoney Transit Facility

    ​ The new Stoney Transit Facility provides storage and maintenance space for Transit's new fleet of compressed natural gas buses as well as diesel buses. It received LEED v4 Gold certification in 2019.


Click the maps below to see more information on the investments Calgary is making to improve the long term sustainability or our buildings.

  • Solar projects map

    City Solar PV and Solar Thermal Installation projects which support City Council’s priority of making Calgary a healthy and green city are showcased. These projects encourage a broader range of innovative and clean energy technologies.

  • Energy & conservation projects

    In this map, you will find City of Calgary projects that reduced The City’s utility costs and support The City’s Climate Resilience Strategy. Most of these projects were funded by The City’s Sustainable Buildings Partnership Program or The City’s Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Program.

  • Certified green buildings map

    Explore all City-owned and City-funded LEED certified projects.

  • EV charging map

    Find all the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations installed at City owned or civic partner’s facilities.


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