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Transportation Data products and services

The Transportation Data Team collects, analyzes and distributes a variety of data and provides a range of services. The major Services and Products are listed below.

Transportation Data Collection Program

Traffic volume flow map (AAWT Map)

The traffic volume flow map illustrates the Average Annual Weekday Traffic (AAWT).

To purchase a copy of the current traffic volume flow map, please complete and submit the following online form.

Copies of historic traffic volume flow maps can be downloaded (PDF).

Intersection Turning Movement Count (TMC)

A intersection Turning Movement Count (TMC) is a manual count of the intersection generally conducted over a 6 to 8-hour period by a Data Collector who records the number of vehicles entering each approach of the intersection, as well as the specific turning movement completed by each vehicle (left turn, right turn and through). Pedestrian, bicycle and truck data are also collected.

To purchase a copy of a Turning Movement Count, please complete and submit the following online form.

Trip Generation Rate

The City of Calgary conducts trip generation studies of various land uses and compiles them into a database. A trip generation study involves studying a number of facilities and counting the number of people and vehicles entering and exiting the site. The trip generation rate determined from the study can then be used to estimate the amount of traffic that a typical facility would generate.

Trip Generation Rates are available by completing the following online form.

Traffic Volume study/Classification study/Speed study

Traffic Volume, Classification and Speed studies are collected using electronic data collection equipment and pneumatic road tubes for 24-hour periods.

Reports and statistics are available by direction or for the total on the roadway.

Data from these reports are also used to derive conversion factors for adjusting Intersection Turning Movement Counts from 6-hour to 24-hour traffic volumes.

To purchase a copy of a Traffic Volume, Classification or Speed study report, please complete and submit the following online form.

Permanent traffic monitoring station

The City operates a number of permanent traffic monitoring stations, which collect traffic volumes 365 days of the year. The newer stations also collect speed and vehicle classifications.

In addition to providing daily traffic volumes the data from the permanent stations are used to develop conversion factors for daily and seasonal variation for adjusting manual traffic counts. Data is also used to monitor trends, for the traffic volume flow map and system performance.

Monitoring and Reporting Program

Mobility Monitor/Commuting Dashboards/Core Indicators for Land Use and Mobility

The Mobility Monitor, Commuting Dashboards and Core Indicators for Land Use and Mobility are publications used to report strategic trends and events that affect the implementation of the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP).​​


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