The City of Calgary and Calgary Transit has launched a study in the northwest area of the city between Lions Park and Brentwood LRT stations in the part of Calgary we call the NW-HUB. The NW-HUB includes Market Mall, Foothills Medical Centre, Alberta Children's Hospital and the University of Calgary.

Study purpose

The NW-HUB is growing. The Calgary Municipal Development Plan identifies it as a Major Activity Centre forecasted to have the highest concentration of jobs and population outside the Centre City. It's already the second largest employment area in Calgary. In 30 years, the NW-HUB is projected to have about 65,000 jobs and 77,000 people calling it home.

For these reasons, we are looking at options to improve existing ways to travel to, from and within the NW-HUB.

The NW-HUB Transit Enhancement Study project team is considering innovative techniques that Calgary Transit already uses like traffic signal transit priority and bus-only lanes, and we are also looking at other transportation options used by other cities around the world. The changes could include improvements to bus lines and operations, along with cycling and pedestrian routes, but we're also thinking about other proven transit alternatives such as trams and urban gondolas.

Public engagement

We understand that the best project decisions are made when we engage with stakeholders and citizens. Through previous engagement in support of RouteAhead, we heard that transit service and access could be improved in the NW-HUB.

In 2013, the NW-HUB Transit Enhancement Study project team completed the first phase of engagement with Calgarians. The outcome was to better understand the perspective of Calgarians when considering how to improve public transportation in the area.

Based on the feedback gathered, we are working to identify potential solutions to improve mobility options in the area.

Please check back for more information in the upcoming weeks.


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