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On Monday, Nov 03 2014, as recommended by City Administration, the existing Environmental Capacity Guidelines (ECG) Policy (TP009) was rescinded and the proposed Street Capacity Guidelines was received for information. Effective immediately, the existing policy is no longer in place. For guidance on the appropriate sizing and daily traffic volumes, the Street Capacity Guidelines should be referenced.


To move Calgary forward, Transportation Planning proposed a set of Street Capacity Guidelines revise link to 'Table 1' Attachment to encompass all street classifications, including the new sustainable street classifications (e.g. Neighborhood Boulevard) introduced by the Calgary Transportation Plan. The proposed Street Capacity Guidelines will replace the Environmental Capacity Guidelines (ECG) Policy (TP009), established in 1979 and last updated in 2003. The Street Capacity Guidelines better reflect the function of our local streets, guide the development industry on appropriate road sizing, and align with the CTP and MDP objectives for sustainable transportation system and land use policies.

Guideline development

Additional information on the development of the street capacity guideline ranges, including trends in housing density, car ownership, and review of other Canadian Municipality guidelines can be found in this document.


An initial meeting was held with a Federation of Calgary Communities representative in early 2014. Following this, a project website and online survey was shared with 150 community association members in May 2014. 42 responses were received. The survey found:

  • Many were not aware of the existing policy
  • The information provided on the website was useful
  • About 50% supported the proposed policy changes

Further engagement took place on July 23, 2014 where The City presented the latest proposal to community members to address their concerns. In response to the key concern that not enough time was provided for communities to adequate advertise the on-line survey, the survey was reopened for six weeks from August - September. 56 responses were received. Findings were the same as the initial survey.


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