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Travelling in Calgary affects all of us. The travel options we choose impacts the environment, our health and the economy. Whether you are walking, cycling, driving or taking public transit, The City of Calgary provides travel options to help connect you to the places you want to go.

Most of us tend to think about our personal costs such as​ purchasing a transit ticket or the cost of operating a vehicle. Have you ever thought about how much it costs to build, maintain and operate the transportation network? Things like sidewalks, the cycling network, Calgary Transit and the roads and bridges we drive on all cost money.

The Travel Cost Calculator (TCC) is a tool that reveals the total trip costs for each travel option.

Did you know?

Making a small change to how you travel around the city can make a big impact. By swapping out one short car trip with biking or walking you can save money, reduce emissions, improve your fitness and see parts of our city not accessible by driving.


Step 1: Calculate a round trip. The results might surprise you!

Think about how you get around Calgary and where you go most often (e.g. work, school, or to visit friends or family).

Enter your one-way trip kilometres and the calculator will automatically double the kilometres to make it a round trip.


Use the interactive map tool to calculate the trip distance.

Please enter a start address and end address, or click on the map within the city limits to add Start and End point, click Calculate distance and then click the Submit button.


Example: 800 MACLEOD TR SE


Example: 800 MACLEOD TR SE

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