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Nose Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk

Project status – February, 2024

The final segment of Phase B construction is scheduled to begin in March 2024 and involve the following: 

  • Constructing 2.2 km of 1650 mm sanitary sewer trunk from 64 Av NE to north of Beddington Trail alongside Nose Creek. 
  • Improving stormwater infrastructure in Laycock Park by repairing an Oil-Grit Separator and installing a high flow bypass around it.
  • Improving drainage and park features by installing a rain garden, parking lot, and pathway connection.
  • Repairing and upgrading the Outfall N31 access road and the adjacent riverbank.

Upcoming construction timelines

  • March 2024 – Q2 2025: Sanitary sewer pipe tunnelling. Construction sites for tunnelling shafts will be setup (A) south of Beddington Trail NE beside the Nose Creek Pathway, (B) in Laycock Park beside 64 Av NE, and (C) at the Beddington Trail NE and Deerfoot Trail interchange near Nose Creek.
  • Q3 2024 – Q3 2025: Laycock Park drainage improvements, located within the park on both sides of Nose Creek. 
  • Q1 2025 – Q3 2025: Sanitary sewer pipe excavation at Beddington Trail NE and Deerfoot Trail, east of Deerfoot Trail. 
  • Q2 2025 – Q3 2028: Landscape restoration scheduled at multiple locations, where required.

Construction impacts

  • Construction hours are:
    • 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday
    • 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday
  • Residents will notice construction noise.
  • Residents may notice an increase in vibrations while crews are working, but we do not anticipate any impacts to private property.
  • Park users may notice diesel odours where crews are working with large equipment. 
  • Residents and pedestrians are reminded to watch for detour signs, and please obey all temporary speed limit reductions that may be in place. We also ask that drivers in the lane closest to a stopped roadside worker vehicle with its lights flashing move over to the far lane to give workers extra space, if possible.
  • The contractor will take steps to limit the amount of dust and mud from the work area. 
  • Nose Creek in-stream work during Q4 2024 will restrict boating and fishing activities in Laycock Park.

Project map

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Detour maps

Confluence Park Access Rd detour map

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Hunstrom Rd NE detour map

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About the project

The Nose Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk (NCSST) Project involves twinning the existing sanitary sewer trunk that runs from the Bow River, north beyond Beddington Trail NE. This extension will more than double the sanitary sewer capacity which is required to accommodate future development and population growth in north Calgary. 

Without this new infrastructure in place, forecasts suggest that the existing sanitary system would reach capacity in or around 2030. The project work began in 2008 and consists of 3 phases of work. 


  • This project work is necessary for storm and wastewater management and accommodates projected population growth in North Calgary. 
  • Much of this project work will be completed by tunneling which reduces construction impacts on park and green space. 
  • We are improving Laycock Park for all users, including completing missing pathway connections and constructing a new parking lot. In addition, a rain garden will be planted with low-maintenance water-wise plants that attract birds, butterflies and mosquito-eating dragonflies.  

Project timeline

Phase A - involved twinning the existing sanitary sewer trunk along Nose Creek from the Bow River to 32 Avenue NE. Construction work started in 2010 and was completed in 2013.

Phase B - involves twinning over 10km of sanitary pipe from 32 Avenue NE past Beddington Trail NE. Construction started in 2014 and work has been ongoing. Construction for the final segment of Phase B work will begin in 2024 and involves the installation of 2.2km of 1650mm sanitary pipe from south of 64 Avenue NE to north of Beddington Trail NE.

Phase C - transferred into a new project: Saddle Ridge Sanitary Sewer Trunk Upgrade. This project added a relief sanitary sewer trunk connection to the Nose Creek sanitary sewer trunk from Fox Hollow Golf Course, under Deerfoot Trail, and into the sanitary system near 11 Street NE and 12 Street NE, which services a large portion of northeast Calgary. The work was completed in 2017.

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