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Custom firing for pottery and ceramics

Custom firing for pottery and ceramics

We offer custom kiln firing in our electric kilns at both of our Arts Centres. Our kilns are a great option for ceramic enthusiasts, schools and community groups that need access to firing.

How our custom firing works

Your work can be fired by our specialists at Wildflower Arts Centre or North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre. They will load and unload all work and notify you once your pieces are finished firing. We do not work on customer deadlines but do our best to offer a quick turnaround depending on kiln space. You can discuss this with the technician.

What can we custom fire?

Both North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre and Wildflower Arts Centre can glaze cone 6 (electric) pieces. They also accommodate bisque firings at cone 05.

Only North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre can glaze fire cone 9 (gas) pieces.

  • Bisque

    Electric kiln

    (cone 05)

  • Low fire glaze

    Electric kiln

    (cone 04)

  • Medium temperature glaze

    Electric kiln

    (cone 6)

  • High-fire work

    Gas kiln

    (cone 9)

Kiln sizes and custom firing prices

The minimum charge for all kilns is $30.

Entire kiln rental prices

Size Cost

Test kiln: 1 cu/ft.


Small kiln: 7 cu/ft.


Medium kiln*: 10 cu/ft.

*Wildflower Arts Centre only has medium sized kilns.


Oval kiln: 15 cu/ft.


Gas kiln*: 30 cu/ft.

*limited availability


How to request custom firing

Please contact one of our Ceramic Specialists with any questions you have or to book an appointment for custom firing. Any work dropped off without Specialist consultation will not be fired.

Conditions of custom firing

  • You must know the type of clay and glaze you used, and what temperature your pieces should be fired at.
  • You must make an appointment with one of our Ceramics Specialists to schedule the drop-off of your work.
  • We do not fire projects that have wire, glass beads, or any other material that is not clay. All clay and glazes should be free from harmful materials that may fume, such as lead and other heavy metals.
  • All glazes must already be applied before firing. We do not offer glazing facilities.
  • We are not responsible for lost or broken work.