Subsidy - Village Square Leisure Centre

Fair Entry

The Fair Entry program lets you apply for programs and services like Recreation Fee Assistance and Low income transit passes.

Recreation Fee Assistance

Customers with a Fee Assistance card will receive a 75% discount on the general admission drop-in rates at our Indoor Pools, Fitness, and Leisure Centres.

Fee Assistance can be used for recreation programs offered by The City of Calgary. Programs listed in the Recreation Program Guide are eligible (some exceptions apply). It can only be applied to the registration fee and not to pre/post care or extra fees. Note: Fee Assistance is not able to be applied to online registrations​​.

First you must apply for the City's Fair Entry program and get approval for Recreation fee assistance. Once approved, you can visit our Fair Entry application office. It is located inside the Calgary Public Library (accessed from inside the Leisure Centre building).

Please provide Recreation staff with your Fair Entry approval letter and a piece of photo ID so they can search your information quickly.

Recreation Fee Assistance cards are available through the Customer Service counter. Note: We do not print cards on Stat. Holidays.

Low Income Transit Pass

If you have already been accepted in the Fair Entry program, you can buy your pass at the transit office located inside the Leisure Centre building. Check hours​ as they differ from the rest of the facility.

You do not need a Fee Assistance card in order to get a Transit Pass.