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The term ‘Driveway Crossing’ is used to describe the area where an existing private driveway accesses a public road.  This access may include a sidewalk, boulevard and/or curb and gutter.  Common terms to describe this include depressed crossing, curb cut, curb lowering, and driveway ramp.

Property Owners are responsible for all costs associated with the construction of the driveway crossing.

It is illegal to place any materials in lanes, streets, sidewalks, or city right-of-ways.  This includes rubber mats to create a driveway ramp.


Driveway crossing application process

Driveway Application (DW)

Request a driveway curb lowering

Property Owners (Single Family or Duplex Residents) with an existing private driveway that typically has a hard surface and want to construct a driveway crossing can request a free estimate. Hard surfaces include concrete or asphalt pavement.

You can also call 311 and ask to submit a ‘PSD-Driveway Crossings - Curb Lowering Service Request’ on your behalf.

Cost estimate

Site inspection and cost estimate

After the property owner contacts The City and a Driveway Application (DW) is created, a site inspection is completed. Then a driveway estimate is prepared and given to the Property Owner. 

Approximate costs for the construction of a Typical Residential Driveway Crossing in 2024:

  • Residential Single Driveway (3.00m wide plus flares) - $5,500
  • Residential Double Driveway (6.70m wide plus flares) - $8,000

Note:  Driveway and Driveway Crossing dimensions indicated are minimums.

The approximate costs noted above are for a typical driveway crossing for a monolithic sidewalk (combined sidewalk, curb and gutter).  For any non-typical driveway crossings (separate sidewalk, boulevard, curb and gutter), an estimate can be provided upon request.

Design and Safety Considerations

There are some design and safety considerations that may need to be reviewed for certain driveway locations or property configurations.  For example, driveway crossings cannot be constructed at a corner or on certain roadway classifications.


The City builds

If the Property Owner wants The City to proceed with construction, there are two options:

  1. Prepayment by Cheque: A cheque and/or cashier’s check in the amount of the cost of construction must be submitted to The City; or 
  2. Local Improvement Bylaw: This method of payment allows the Registered Owner to have the Driveway Crossing costs plus interest added as a separate levy to their annual Property Tax bill and applied over 15 years. However, with this option, all work would be completed during the following year’s construction season. This would also be at the following season’s construction rates, due to the time required to go through the Local Improvement Process as this requires approval by City of Calgary Council. More information is available for this option under Local improvements and special taxes.

Private contractor builds

Another option for the Property Owner to construct a Driveway Crossing to a private driveway is entering into an Indemnification Agreement with The City of Calgary. 

Indemnification Agreement Requirements for Contractor Built Driveway Crossings

An Indemnification Agreement allows the Property Owner to hire a Contractor directly to complete the work as the work completed is on City of Calgary Right-of-Way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the contractor give notice for when construction will start?

Yes, the contractor will provide a 3-Day Construction Notice via a pink door hanger.  This door hanger will include contractor contact information and construction information.

How long does it take to construct a driveway crossing?

  • Construction takes approximately 8 weeks from start to finish and is completed in stages such as utility locates, saw cutting, excavation and forming, pouring of concrete, asphalt rehab and sod replacement.  Please note, once the sidewalk/curb and gutter has been excavated (removed), the Contractor has 3 weeks to complete construction.
  • All construction work is Weather Permitting.  Please note, this can cause a delay in the start of construction or if construction has started.

What is the process for construction of new private driveways?

Property Owners who want to construct a new private driveway or widen an existing private driveway must apply for Approval to Planning Services prior to construction.