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About the Noise Barrier Lifecycle Program

The City of Calgary is dedicated to ensuring the continued upkeep and safety of noise barriers through the Noise Barrier Lifecycle Replacement Program.

In the City's Noise Barrier Lifecycle Replacement Program, aging noise barrier structures are assessed through noise barrier condition inspections. The objective of these assessments is to ensure the ongoing maintenance and safety of the noise barriers. Each noise barrier within the City's road network undergoes a basic assessment annually and a detailed evaluation every five years.

The replacement of existing, aging noise barriers increase the service life of the noise barrier by approximately 50 years.

The process entails the demolition of existing posts, panels and certain piles/foundations. New piles, posts, foundation and panels are then installed.

Project update - June 2024

Work continues with the previously announced locations:

  • Location 7A – Southland Dr. S.E., West of Wilde Rd. (Whitney Cr. S.E.) – South side
  • Location 7B - Southland Dr. S.E. from Fairmount Dr. to 5 Street S.E. (Woodland Cr.) - South side

We can expect construction to be substantially completed by Winter 2024.

Crews have mobilized on the following locations early June 2024:

  • Location 7C - Southland Dr. S.E. from Acadia Dr. to Maple Creek Dr. S.E. (Maplebrook Place S.E.)

Substantial completion of the noise barrier is expected to be completed in Winter 2024. This work will include site preparations and the demolition/removal of the existing barriers. Please see the anticipated construction impacts for more details.

Crews are expected to mobilize later this summer in:

  • Location 7D (Southland Dr. S.E. from Acadia Dr. to Maple Creek Dr. S.E. – South Side) - July
  • Location 1 (24 Avenue S.W. and 24 Street S.W) - August

We will post more information closer to the start date.

14 Street S.W. Noise Barrier

Construction Progress Update for Noise Barrier Replacement Project on 14 Street & 75 Avenue S.W.

14 street noise barrier

March – June 2024

Langriville Drive S.W. Noise Barrier

Construction Progress Update for Noise Barrier Replacement Project on Langriville Drive S.W.

Lagriville Noise Barrier
  • Crews will begin to mobilize to Langriville Drive S.W. once work is completed at 14 Street and 75 Avenue S.W.
  • Additional updates and timelines will be provided as we near the construction date.

2024 Noise Barrier Replacements

Five noise barriers will be replaced throughout the Spring – Winter 2024.

Please see detailed locations and maps below:

  • Southland Dr. S.E., West of Wilde Rd. (Whitney Cr. S.E.) - South side (Location 7A)
  • Southland Dr. S.E. from Fairmount Dr. to 5 Street S.E. (Woodland Cr.) - South side (Location 7B)
  • Southland Dr. S.E. from Acadia Dr. to Maple Creek Dr. S.E. (Maplebrook Place S.E.) – South side (Location 7C)
  • Southland Dr. S.E. from 7 St. to Blackfoot Tr. S.E.  (Location 7D)
  • 24 Avenue S.W. and 24 Street S.W (Location 1)

Anticipated general construction impacts

  • Construction work hours are Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with construction activity on weekends only when required. Construction updates will be posted online.
  • Residents will see construction activity, including construction crews, vehicles, and heavy equipment.
  • Impacts may include noise, dust, and vibration due to construction activities.
  • Residents may also experience increased traffic noise while the existing noise barriers are removed.
  • Sidewalk closures and detours may be required but we will ensure that pedestrians and cyclists can travel safely through the area and still access their destinations.
  • The temporary closure of some parking and roads may be required. Traffic will be maintained in these cases by way of local detours. 

We know that construction impacts can be disruptive, and we will work to mitigate impacts as best as we can. Updates, timelines, and construction impacts will be posted on this page throughout the construction period. Thank you for your patience during this important work.

Project benefits

  • We’re investing in our current infrastructure to ensure it remains in good condition for years to come.
  • Lifecycle replacement involves demolition of existing posts, panels, and pile/foundations to be replaced with current standard durable materials with an expected life expectancy of approximately 50+ years.
  • Improved quality of the new noise barrier compared to existing, aging noise barriers.
  • The new noise barriers will have an enhanced aesthetic with low maintenance requirements.
  • Calgarians living next to roads with high-volume traffic experience an improved quality of life when excessive noise volumes are reduced by a noise barrier.

Project timeline

  • Spring 2024 - Construction Start
  • December 2024/January 2025 – Substantial completion

Construction activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines may change due to inclement weather, complexity, supply chain, and/or other unexpected circumstances.

Stay connected

Have questions? Please contact us at or call 311. 

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