Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program

The City supports the creation of vibrant mixed-use activity centres and corridors where people live, work, shop and enjoy spending time in. The City's Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program stipulates how parking payments collected in these areas are used for local improvements to make public spaces better for people who visit these destinations. Improvements to public spaces help keep these areas attractive for people, contributing to business and community vitality.

Recent Council approvals

In February 2017, Council approved the Parking Revenue Policies contained in section 5.3 of the Calgary Parking Policies.

These policies guide the Parking Revenue Reinvestment Program. The program has been established to fulfill the following objectives in paid parking areas:

  • Facilitate a strong pedestrian environment
  • Implement complete streets
  • Provide incremental improvements to area parking
  • Enhance area urban design
  • Add to the vibrancy of the area

How is the allocation amount calculated?

The allocation amount is determined by calculating the total amount of net parking revenue returned to The City from the Calgary Parking from the sale of parking. This amount is compared to the budgeted amount set by The City. If the return from the Calgary Parking Authority is higher than the budgeted amount, a surplus exists for that year.

Fifty per cent of any available surplus can be reinvested in paid parking areas. The surplus is then shared proportionally with each business area relative to the amount they make within their boundaries. The money can be used for infrastructure and service improvements in these areas.

How are the funds used?

The City works directly with Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) to determine the priority for each area. While the priorities are significantly guided by BIA direction, The City retains the funds and ensures that projects meet Council-approved criteria before approving their release.

Paid parking revenues outside of BIA areas are pooled and not further proportioned by area or community. Communities eligible to apply for project funding​ are within the red Parking Limit Boundaries, but are outside of established BIA boundaries as shown on the map​.

See a current list of allocation amounts, balances and improvement projects​.

How are parking prices determined?

Parking prices are determined by area supply and demand, as set out in section 5.1.2 of the Calgary Parking Policies. There is no revenue target for parking prices, and it is possible there could be no surplus in any given year.

For more information about the program, please contact 311.

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