Mobile community signs are temporary, portable signs, often with fluorescent lettering which are placed along the city’s roadways. The purpose of these signs is specifically for the promotion of Community events and meetings, and/or information about The City of Calgary’s services, operations and public safety.

These signs are only permitted for up to a maximum of fourteen days, and are subject to enforcement if found in violation of the Temporary Signs Bylaw.

How to apply

If your organization qualifies for the use of Mobile Community Signs, please email us for an application form. These are the organizations who can apply:
  • community associations and Business Improvement Areas
  • registered not-for-profit or charitable organizations
  • elementary schools, secondary schools or post-secondary institutions
  • not-for-profit amateur sports organizations
  • hospitals
  • elected officials for the purposes of non-partisan events

Professional sign companies may also apply and provide signs and services to the kinds of organizations listed above.

Permit costs

The Annual Permit allows the approved sign user to place an unlimited number of signs in a calendar year. The cost of this permit is $2458 + GST per year.

A single use, single location permit is available for a fee of $57.20 + GST.


Once a permit is issued, the sign owner must comply with the rules of outlined in the Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw and the conditions of the permit. Here are some of the rules which need to be considered:

  • the sign must not obstruct traffic control devices
  • not pose a hazard or danger to vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • must not be placed within 30 metres of an intersection
  • must be installed at least two metres from a curb or edge of any road
  • must be temporary, not permanently affixed
  • have a sign face no larger than three square metres
  • must be placed at least 20 metres from another Mobile Community Sign
  • cannot be installed on a prohibited road
  • the message on the sign must align with The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards

Prohibited and restricted roadways

Mobile community signs cannot be installed along the following roadways:

Election campaign signs

Unique rules and exceptions must be followed for election campaign signs

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