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Report light outages using our online Street Light Outage map application. There are thousands of street lights in Calgary, maintained by different providers. The City uses contractors for street light maintenance on most street lights adjacent to our roadways. Street light repairs will typically be done within 30 days, weather permitting. More complex issues, including short circuits or underground wire faults, may take longer to repair. Report issues with street light poles through 311.

  • Report burnt out / flickering lights

    Use the street light outage map to report:

    • Burned out street lights,

    • Flickering street lights, and/or

    • Street lights that remain on during daylight hours.

  • Report damaged lights

    Use the 311 online service request to report:

    • Physically damaged bulbs

    • Damaged street light pole, base or bulb covers,

    • Any other physical damage

Frequently asked questions about street light repairs

How to Report a street light outage

Step by step instruction guide on how to report street light outages using the online map.

How can I report a street light outage?

​Reporting has never been easier! If you know the location of your street light outage, visit the Street Light Outage Reporting map. Enter the address or navigate the map to the location of the desired street light. When you’ve located your desired light, click on it, and select the outage type (light out, on during daytime, flickering). If you are unsure of the exact streetlight, you can indicate this in the street light location selection on the map.

How can I tell if/when my street light outage has been attended to?

When a street light has been serviced by a third-party provider, the work order is updated and the outage indicator bulb on the Street Light Outage Reporting map will be automatically switched from red (Reported) to green. Clicking on a red outage will activate a pop-up, if there are additional issues in repairing the streetlight, they will be added to the Complication Note of this pop-up on the Street Light Outage Reporting Map.

How long does it take for a street light outage to be repaired?

Typically, we attempt to visit and service street lights within 30 days of reporting. During winter months, street light outage reporting numbers increase due to the longer periods without sunlight. Our crews and contracted partners work hard to ensure lights are attended to within the 30-day window, however this timeline is weather permitting. Crews will make every effort to attend to a reported streetlight as soon as possible.

How can I get updates on my street light outage report?

If you would like to receive updates on your street light outage report, you must sign into the Street Light Outage Map using your myID account prior to reporting outages. Linking your reports using your myID account will allow you to search outages you have reported and receive repair status updates. If you reported your outage anonymously, the most up-to-date information is available on the street light outage map. Due to the volume of street light reports that we receive, The City of Calgary is unable to provide information on a case by case basis.

Can I use the street light reporting map to report a downed pole?

Currently, physical damage can not be reported on the Street Light Outage Reporting map. Physical damage to street lights should be reported through the online 311 Service Request.

Who is responsible for Street Lights not maintained by The City of Calgary?

  • Street lights in backlanes – please contact Enmax directly.
  • Street lights on Deerfoot Trail (provincially maintained):
  • Street lights on Stoney Trail (provincially maintained):
    • North (16 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.E.), please contact Carmacks.
    • South (Macleod Trail east to 17 Avenue S.E.), please, contact Chinook Operations.
    • South (Macleod Trail west to Glenmore Trail), please contact AHSL.

Do you have a general inquiry regarding Calgary's street lights?

Use the online 311 Service Request to submit a street light inquiry, including requests for special streetlight installations.