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Vehicle traps in The City of Calgary are pits that were dug into roadways in the 1970s to stop motorists from entering transit-only areas. They’re commonly known as bus traps, but the name can be misleading. Transit buses can drive over bus traps without issue. It’s the people driving their personal vehicles (either looking for a shortcut or entering the lane accidentally) that get stuck.

The intent of bus traps is to deter unauthorized vehicles from entering “transit only” lanes, ensuring transit service can stay on schedule. They also allow larger emergency response vehicles to pass through, should an emergency arise.

However, bus traps are no longer serving their intended purpose:

  • Getting caught in a bus trap can result in damages and costs as well as being a scary experience for drivers.
  • They’re counterproductive because transit service gets interrupted when a vehicle is stuck in the exact lane that was meant to be kept clear.  
  • Smaller transit shuttles and emergency response vehicles are not able to pass through. 

There were seven remaining bus trap locations across the city that have now been removed as we find better ways to keep everyone safe on the roads.

While the bus traps will be gone, the intent of them remains. These lanes are for transit and/or emergency vehicles only and are not to be used by drivers as shortcuts through neighbourhoods or for any other reason. New signage will be installed, and traffic cameras will be used to monitor and assist with enforcement, as necessary.

Bus trap before fill

Bus trap after filled

Bus trap location and status

Location Status

4 Street N.E. at Beaver Dam Road N.E.

Filled January 2024

North Haven Drive N.W. at Noseman Road N.W.

Filled January 2024

24 Avenue N.E. at 21 Street N.E.

Filled January 2024

Pinetown Place N.E. at 56 Street N.E.

Filled January 2024

58 Street S.W. at Strathcona Drive S.W.

Filled February 2024

Rockyvale Drive N.W. at Rockliff Landing N.W.

Filled February 2024

Centre Street N. at Beddington Trail N.

Filled February 2024

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Safety tip

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