Calgarians are encouraged to slow down, be alert and drive safely through construction zones.

Please slow down, my Dad / Mom works here!

Imagine sitting in your cubicle with cars whizzing by perilously close to your work space and so fast that you can feel the tailwind. For many of our employees, these near-misses are a common occurrence when they are out working on the roadway.

When you see construction, please slow down and observe all posted signs. Help those working on the roads get home safe to their loved ones.

Tips for avoiding the delays of construction zones

Everyone hates delays. Here are some tips for helping you avoid them.

  • Follow @yyctransport on Twitter for the most up-to-date traffic information, or visit
  • Plan trips with the expectation that travel will take a few minutes longer during the summer construction season.
  • Use alternate routes if you know the whereabouts of a construction zone, especially zones operating over a lengthy period of time. This will reduce traffic congestion and related risks.

Be safe

  • Obey speed limits in construction zones. Sometimes hazards are not visible to the motorist, but still pose a threat.
  • Obey all rules and signs even when people and equipment are not working – these are there for your safety and there may be danger present!
  • Cooperate with other drivers to keep traffic moving smoothly. When traffic needs to merge because of a lane closure, ease into the driving lane early and leave gaps for other vehicles to merge.

Construction zone safety - Obey the signs

When you encounter road construction, slow down for everyone's protection and obey the signs and the flag person's instructions. Obey the signs even when there are no construction workers on the road, because there may still be some other road hazards present.

Speeding fines are doubled in construction zones. For more information see Traffic Safety in Alberta.