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2023 Locations for changes to right turn islands

High entry angle right turn will be added at:

  • Northbound 36 Street turning to eastbound Memorial Drive S.E.
  • Eastbound Memorial Drive turning to southbound 36 Street S.E.
  • Westbound 40 Avenue turning to northbound Shaganappi Trail N.W.
  • Westbound Berkshire Boulevard turning to northbound Sandstone Drive N.W.
  • Northbound Centre Street turning to eastbound 64 Avenue N.E.
  • Westbound 64 Avenue turning to northbound Centre Street N.E.
  • Northbound 24 Street turning to eastbound 90 Avenue S.W.

Dual lane signalized right turns will be added at:

  • Southbound Blackfoot Trail turning to westbound Heritage Drive S.E.

Merge lane will be added at:

  • No merge lanes are planned from this program for construction in 2023.

The City of Calgary continuously reviews collisions at intersections to identify where changes can be made to improve traffic safety. These reviews have identified some right-turn islands throughout the city that can be changed to improve traffic safety.

The options for improving a standard right-turn island include changing it to:

High entry angle right turns

A high entry angle right turn slows traffic. It also changes the angle motorists who are approaching the right-turn need to look to see on-coming traffic in the lanes that they will be turning in to.

McKnight Boulevard and Edmonton Trail N.E.

McKnight Boulevard and Edmonton Trail NE right turn - Before

McKnight Boulevard and Edmonton Trail NE right turn - After

High entry angle right turn installed

Dual lane signalized right turn

A dual lane signalized right turn adds another turning lane for motorists. It also includes a traffic signal indication for right turning traffic with a separate traffic signal phase when they can turn.

Southland Drive and Blackfoot Trail S.E.

Southland Drive and Blackfoot Trail S.E. right turn - Before

Southland Drive and Blackfoot Trail S.E. right turn - After

Dual lane signalized right turn installed

Merge lane right turn

A merge lane provides a longer distance for motorists making the right turn to merge into traffic after they have completed a right turn.

16 Avenue and 68 Street N.E.

16 Avenue and 68 Street N.E. right turn - Before

16 Avenue and 68 Street N.E. right turn - After

Merge lane right turn installed

Reviewing right turns for improvements

To decide what type of change needs to be made to a right turn island, we look at:

  • The types of collisions from the collision review.
  • The volume of traffic making the right turn and the volume of traffic that would be conflicting with the right turn.
  • The type of vehicles that will be making the right turn.
  • The distance a motorist needs to travel to get to the next intersection (or on/off ramp) after the right turn.

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