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Calgary Transit Low Income Monthly Pass sliding scale fare FAQ

​The City of Calgary’s sliding scale fare structure for the Calgary Transit Low Income Monthly Pass helps eliminate financial barriers for low income Calgarians so they can more fully participate in the community.

What is a sliding scale?

Sliding scale is a fare system that assesses income and assigns a purchase price based on income. The less an applicant earns, the less they will have to pay.

For the Calgary Transit Low Income Monthly pass, three income categories or bands have been developed. Those earning the least will pay the lowest fare and those earning a bit more will pay higher fares, but all who qualify will receive a discount.

How do people apply for a discounted transit pass based on sliding scale?

Fair Entry will remain the single point of application for all subsidy programs, including anyone interested in the sliding scale for Transit’s Low Income Monthly Pass. Details on the application can be found at

How much will a pass cost?

The sliding scale has three price bands. For 2022 the prices are: $5.60, $39.00 and $56.00 per month dependent on how much a customer earns.

When do prices change?

Prices for the Low Income Monthly Pass change each year in January as the discounts are linked to the price of an adult monthly pass, which also changes each year.

Who qualifies for sliding scale?

Customers approved for Fair Entry will be eligible to receive a minimum 50% discount based on a sliding scale. The income a customer earns will be assessed to determine the price they will pay for a Low Income Monthly Pass. The Fair Entry qualifications list outlines eight proofs of income a customer can use to qualify.

Income ranges for three bands by household size. (Ranges updated January 2024)

​Household Size ​Income Category A $5.80 ​​Income Category B $40.25 ​Income Category C  $57.50

1 person

Less than $15,263 $15264 - $25,947 $25,948 - $30,526

2 persons

Less than $19,001 $19,002 - $32,302 ​$32,303 - $38,003

3 persons

Less than $23,360 $23,361 - $39,712 ​$39,713 - $46,720

4 persons

Less than $28,362 $28,363 - $48,215 ​$48,216 - $56,724

5 persons

​Less than $32,168 $32,169 - $54,685 ​$54,686 - $64,336

6 persons

Less than $36,280 ​$36,281 - $61,676 $61,677 - $72,560

7 persons

​Less than $40,392 ​$40,393 - $68,667 $68,668 - $80,785

8 persons or more

See note below*

See note below*

See note below*

*Please contact Fair Entry at, 311 or in person.

Fair Entry also accepts AISH, Alberta Works and Refugee Assistance Program documents as proof of income. If you are interested in how your income impacts where you fit in the sliding scale, please contact Fair Entry by calling 311 to speak with Fair Entry staff or email

If you are not sure if you would qualify, go to a Fair Entry site, call 311 to speak with Fair Entry staff, or email about how you might apply or find other community supports.

What if I disagree with my price band assessment?

If you have questions on how your income impacts where you fit in a sliding scale, please contact Fair Entry by calling 311 to speak with Fair Entry staff or email

What about the seniors transit passes – both regular and low income?

Prices for the senior pass, regular and low income, are not impacted by sliding scale pricing. Details on seniors passes can be found here.