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Southview Affordable Housing

Project Background

The Southview affordable housing site is located at 1820 33 Street SE and is owned by the Province of Alberta. Previously the site was the location of 96 affordable housing units, which were demolished in 2014 due to the age of the buildings and the need for extensive repairs. 

Project Overview

Southview map

The Southview feasibility study is now complete and explored options that meet the needs of affordable housing clients and reviewed options for operationally sustainable development over the long term (in partnership with The City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta, and Calgary Housing Company).

The site offers many advantages, including proximity to downtown Calgary, area services like the MAX Purple bus rapid transit line, and convenient access to area amenities.

The Southview affordable housing development will allow for:

  • 200 units proposed in the development
  • Better integration into the community with more public amenities and open space.
  • A mixed-income rent model

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the site?

The Province of Alberta.

Why locate affordable housing in Southview?

The community of Southview has a high demand for affordable housing and a higher than average number of seniors. The Southview site offers many advantages, including the proximity to downtown Calgary, area transit services like the southeast Bus Rapid Transit line, and convenient access to area amenities. This redevelopment will also provide added amenities and services to the community, which are anticipated to increase the sense of pride and ownership.

What are the current plans for the Southview affordable housing site?

The Southview affordable housing concept design has been completed. This study analyzed several factors to determine the benefit for the community, connectivity, and increase the tenant pride of living in this Southview development.

Does the community have a say in the process?

Yes. An extensive engagement process has been developed to ensure Calgarians have a voice in the redevelopment planning process.

What kinds of units are likely to be provided on the site if it is redeveloped?

The site will be a mixed-income development. This includes various forms of subsidized housing across the housing continuum as well as potentially incorporating market-rate housing. The units are likely to be suitable for families as we are providing 1,2, and 3 bedrooms units.

What is mixed-income affordable housing?

The mixed-income housing model integrates different rental rates for units, from deeply-subsidized affordable housing up to near-market rates. By offering some units at near-market rates, housing providers can offset the operating costs of the lower-rate units. There are no differences in quality between units offered at higher or lower rates. A mixed-income development provides a more cohesive approach to housing, with residents benefiting from the opportunity to live in a more integrated community. This model also provides opportunities for tenants to move within the building as their income changes.

How does affordable housing in Calgary compare to other cities?

On average, Calgary has almost the half the supply of affordable housing compared to the national average. This equates to a shortage of 15,000 affordable homes.

How great is the need for affordable housing in Calgary?

Calgary urgently needs more affordable housing. Calgary is in need of 2,000-2,500 new affordable homes each year. Over the last 10 years, an average of 300 affordable homes/year have been completed.

What will the budget be for the Southview redevelopment?

Funding has not yet been secured for the Southview affordable housing development. The concept design and engagement process will be a major factor in acquiring funding for this project for benefit of the community and Calgarians.

Communication and Engagement

The City engaged with the Southview community on the building and site design in May 2018 and January 2021. What We Heard Reports from May 2018 and January 2021 are now available to view.


  • First Public Engagement - May 2018
  • Second Public Engagement - February 2021
  • Funding Confirmation
    • Project is funded to the current phase and will pause until further funds are committed.
  • Development Design
  • Development Permit submission
  • Third Public Engagement
    • Pending approvals and funding.
  • Building Permit submission
  • Construction begins