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Transit fare evasion

When riding Calgary’s transit system in a fare-restricted fare area, it is a legal requirement for all passengers aged 13 years or older to have a valid ticket, permit, pass or transfer.

Transit peace officers may ask you to produce a valid fare when you board or use a transit vehicle or are within a Restricted Fare Area.

Calgary Transit has a variety of payment options, including the My Fare app, to make your trip as convenient as possible. Remember, if you need to take a combination of bus routes or the CTrain and pay by cash or paper tickets, ask your bus driver for a transfer or hold on to your validated ticket from the CTrain. Your transfer is valid for 90 minutes.

Calgary Transit endeavours to keep transit services affordable. However, fare charges are necessary to help cover costs and maintain our customer commitment to providing a safe, reliable, and clean service. We are also investing in our transit system to keep pace with our growing population and increasing service demand.

Calgary Peace Officers in a Ctrain station

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if a transit peace officer asks to see my mobile ticket?

Each ticket includes a visual validation bar and a unique barcode that will occasionally be scanned by transit peace officers as part of an inspection process. If requested, please present your valid or activated mobile ticket for inspection.

How does the driver/transit peace officer know my ticket is valid?

Mobile tickets are validated through the fixed on-board validators on vehicles.

They can also be validated by using visual inspection.

Hand-held inspection devices may be used by transit peace officers to digitally scan a ticket using the barcode functionality.

What is the penalty for fare evasion?

The municipal bylaw of Calgary number 4M81 section 9(1) states:

Any person who is found boarding or using a transit vehicle or entering or within a Restricted Fare Area and who fails to produce to an officer upon demand a valid fare is guilty of an offence.    

If you can’t provide a valid transit fare upon demand, you’ll be subject to a $250 fi­ne.

How do I pay a fare evasion fine?

Information regarding fine payments, including online payments, is available at Alberta Fine Payments - MyAlberta eServices. Fines cannot be paid via Calgary Transit.

What happens if the fine is not paid?

All unpaid fines are sent to Alberta Registries for collection.

Do I need a valid ticket to ride the TD Free Fare Zone?

Riders do not need a ticket if their journey is restricted to the TD Free Fare Zone along 7 Avenue downtown.

What transit fare options are available for low income Calgarians?