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City of Calgary - Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions

The Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Benchmarking Program helps building owners and operators measure and track building energy performance.

By tracking your building energy use, you can improve efficiency, contribute to energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help limit global climate change.

Learn more about who is eligible to participate, how to register your building and what support you can access as part of the program.

How does the Building Energy Benchmarking Program work?

The program is designed to assist building owners and operators in measuring and tracking the energy performance of their portfolios.

Business owners and operators are asked to voluntarily benchmark their building energy performance using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager software.

Once the buildings have been benchmarked, the data will be shared with The City of Calgary and presented online through the Energy Performance Map.

This tool maps the location of each participant building and provides important information such as property characteristics, energy performance metrics and greenhouse gas emissions

Am I eligible to apply?

The program invites participation by any commercial or institutional organization with buildings located within the city boundary.

There are no restrictions on building size (gross floor area). The participant must have authorization to access property information and building energy usage data.

At a minimum, you will need your building’s gross floor area (ft2 or m2) and your monthly energy bills from January 2019 to December 2019. Please note: whole building data is required.


Registration now open.

The program will run continuously and registration is open on an ongoing basis.

How do I register?

Please read our Privacy Policy before filling out the registration form.

  • The Registration Form collects basic contact and building information.
  • The Disclosure Agreement lets you select how much of your data you want to share as part of the program.

After you receive your confirmation of registration email, The City of Calgary’s Energy Advisor will email you with more information and next steps. 

Registration Form

To apply for the Building Energy Benchmarking Program, please fill out our registration form.

Do I have to disclose my information?

Participation in the program is voluntary and full disclosure is encouraged, but it’s your data and you decide how much information you share.

Your organization can participate anonymously, select a custom dataset to share or choose to fully disclose all of your information.

The City of Calgary will never share your data without your consent, and should you choose to fully disclose your information, you can revoke your consent at any time.

Your disclosure options

1. Full disclosure of property information and building energy performance

When you choose full disclosure, these building energy performance metrics will be publicly displayed:

  • Company Name
  • Building Use
  • Gross Floor Area (m2)
  • Construction Date (Year)
  • ENERGY Star Score (1-100)
  • Site EUI (GJ/m2)
  • Source EUI (GJ/m2)
  • Total GHG Emissions (kg CO2e)
  • GHG Emissions Intensity (kg CO2e/m2)

By disclosing this data, your organization assists in the following:

  • Sets a baseline of actual performance versus expected performance, allowing energy efficiency efforts to progress in the right direction.
  • Allows The City of Calgary to monitor how buildings across the city are performing, assists in assessing the impacts of current energy and emission policies, helps plan future policies and regulations, and determines acceptable levels of building energy performance based on building type.
  • Improves public understanding of building performance – community members can make informed decisions and choose to use spaces that align with their social, economic and environmental values.
  • Establishes eligibility for the future awards and recognition program(s).

2. Only disclose aggregate data for building energy performance

When you choose this option, you will provide your building energy performance data to the program without public disclosure.

Your building's data will be included in the program database and will be used to anonymously populate the energy performance histograms on the public map; however, your individual building and property information will not be identified.

What are the benefits of benchmarking?

As the foundation of any long-term energy management strategy, there are many benefits of building energy benchmarking:

  • Provides reliable, standardized and up-to-date information on building energy consumption, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Establishes baseline reference points for performance and promotes continuous optimization of building systems.
  • Provides a platform for comparing your building performance against others.
  • Prioritize poorly-performing buildings for energy efficiency measure implementation.
  • Enables measurement and verification of energy efficiency project results.
  • Strengthens corporate social responsibility, allowing organizations to be transparent with stakeholders about the social and environmental impact of business operations.

Supporting building owners and operators with the knowledge and tools to improve building energy performance aligns with The City of Calgary’s commitment to building a climate-resilient community.

Through the Climate Resilience Strategy, The City is reducing energy use to help limit global climate change, and managing climate change risks to reduce the impact of extreme weather events and climatic changes on infrastructure and services.

What support can participants access?

Periodically, there will be opportunities to join online meeting sessions to discuss program participation, results, upcoming changes or adjustments.

Once you’ve submitted your data, there will be opportunities to discuss your building energy performance with The City of Calgary’s Energy Advisor.

The Energy Advisor can help you understand your benchmarking results and identify potential energy efficiency measures and projects that can improve your building energy performance.

If you have any questions about how to participate or how to share your data with The City of Calgary, please send an email to