Caution | Outdoor water restrictions in effect

Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Protecting the stormwater system and your business. Keeping our waterways clean.

Every time it rains or snow melts, the driveways, parking lots and outside areas of industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities and sites under development get a bath. Dirt, oil, gasoline, garbage, and other chemicals are washed into storm drains. Stormwater and the pollutants in it flow into our rivers through outfalls – the concrete drains you see along the river. Polluted stormwater can affect the health of our streams, rivers and the land surrounding them, as well as the health of the wildlife and fish that rely on them.

The Stormwater Bylaw outlines regulations that those responsible for construction and land development, utility construction and maintenance, and industrial and commercial activities must follow to prevent stormwater pollution. By complying with the bylaw, you can avoid fines and the need for costly clean-up, and help keep our stormwater system and waterways safe and clean.

Information regarding stormwater pollution prevention practices and release into the stormwater system within the city of Calgary can be found in three main areas:

We monitor and control erosion and sediment that can be released from construction sites.

  • Find out if you need an ESC Plan approval for your project.
  • Create and submit your ESC Plan.
  • Find inspection resources.
  • Get good housekeeping tips to address stormwater pollution on your site.

Under the Stormwater Bylaw, approval is required to release clean stormwater into the stormwater system and no other substance may be released. 

  • Find out if you require City approval for drainage activities.
  • Determine which permit you need.
  • Learn about the permit/notification approval process
  • Find out which substances cannot be drained into the storm system.

Protect your business and the environment by taking simple steps to reduce the risk of stormwater pollution on your site.

Find out more about Calgary’s stormwater system or download the Homeowner’s Water Guide to the Stormwater Management System for tips on how residents can help protect the stormwater system and the environment.