Lot grading tolerance guidelines

Below you will find a detailed lot grading tolerance chart, which includes information on grade slip and minimum grades.

Please visit the Lot Grading Bylaw page for information on the bylaw's regulations and permit requirements that help manage drainage and water quality for our stormwater system.

Construction Item

Acceptable Grade Tolerances (between Grade Slip & As-built)

Overriding Minimum Grades

Other Considerations

Top of footing verification

+/- 0.15 metres (six inches)

Top of footing must not be lower than the recommended lowest top of footing per grade slip

If a house or building is constructed with its minimum entrance grade below minimum grade (MG) or registered minimum grade (RMG) specified, 0.08 m maximum tolerance

As constructed grades for landscape after loaming

+/- 0.15 metres (six inches)

2% grade

Maximum grade ration of 3:1 without a retaining wall

Areas within 1.2 metres of house or building foundation wall under decks and cantilevers


4% grade


Concrete driveways, sidewalk and patios


2% grade from garage entrance or house or building foundation wall

Not applicable to driveways in cases where below-grade garages are approved pursuant to a development permit

Multiple-family housing developments and commercial/industrial areas



Trap-low areas must have volume capacity set out in drainage plan (Storm Water Management Report)

Please note: The acceptable tolerances and minimum grades are for the construction of single-detached, semi-detached and duplex dwellings, multi-family housing developments and construction on commercial and industrial sites in Calgary.

For more information on lot grading permit and certificate requirements, please visit the Lot Grading Bylaw page.