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Calgary Transit Access Extra Taxi Subsidy Program "ACE" for People with Disabilities

Taxi Companies must be prequalified in order to be allowed to provide accessible transportations services for people with disabilities.

How to become prequalified

Taxi companies interested in becoming prequalified must respond to The City’s Services 18-051 Supplier Qualification for the provision of the Calgary Transit Access Extra Taxi Subsidy Program for people with disabilities for The City Of Calgary (“The City”) under the Access Calgary Extra (ACE) program and must have:

  1. Current valid taxi brokerage license issued by The City of Calgary Livery Transport Services
  2. A mixed fleet including accessible vehicles where no less than 1 accessible is available 24/7.
  3. A dispatch service and customer service or complaints contact.
  4. Provide a letter of clearance from the WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board) indicating that the Supplier`s account is in good standing.
  5. Willing to invest the resources necessary to put in place the Calgary Transit Access Extra Taxi Subsidy Program “ACE Computer System” at the proponents cost. This is the method used for charge slip processing and submission to The City. The integration and functionality of this system will require verification by The City.

*Note: No “ACE” service will be provided by proponents until the software system can be validated for use by Calgary Transit Access*

Contact information

For additional information about The City’s prequalification process for the "Access Calgary Extra Taxi Subsidy Program Access Calgary Extra Taxi Subsidy Program" for People With Disabilities, email