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Corporate Project and Asset Management (CPAM) at The City

The City of Calgary undertakes extensive capital construction projects each year. In 2011, the City Auditor found that capital construction project management practices were inconsistent and lacked transparency. The Corporate Project Management Framework (CPMF) was created to lead the process of improving our processes and ultimately the quality of work for selecting, building and reporting on capital construction projects.

Project teams are currently working on reviewing and identifying the process and tool changes that will make it effective and easier for planners and project managers to carry out work. The results will help all stakeholders, including Council and citizens, to understand why projects were selected, how projects link to The City’s priorities, what influenced the build and how the money was spent. This program will ensure that we manage projects well and are able to back them up with well-defined and implemented project management processes, practices and documentation.

The City's Corporate Project Management Framework brings increased transparency and accountability to the management of capital construction projects. ​Ultimately, it will deliver the process and tools that will demonstrate that The City is a good steward of public funds invested in projects. Also, it will ensure that the value from projects is realized for the benefit of citizens.​​

Products of the programs include:​​​