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Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant

Helping Provide Safe and Clean Drinking Water with Solar Power at Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant

In November 2017, a 626.7 kW addition to The City’s solar PV project inventory was completed. The project saw the installation of 1,740 LG solar panels rated at 360W. That’s enough electricity to power over 100 average Calgary homes and displace an estimated 500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year (assuming about 1,200 kWh per year of production per installed kW)!


The project is anticipated to achieve a payback within 10 years by helping avoid an average of $90,000/year in electricity costs for the water treatment plant.

Delivered at approximately $1.35M, the project was partially funded through an investment of approximately $400,000 from the Alberta Municipal Solar Program bringing the City’s investment to $950,000, at an internal rate of return (IRR) of 7 per cent. The system is anticipated to generate electricity for over 20 years.

Combined with a project delivered in early 2017 at Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant (at 291.7 kW), over 1.1 million kWh of solar-powered renewable electricity is now being generated at Calgary water treatment plants. That’s enough electricity to power 157,000 smart phones for a year (assuming 7 kWh per year to charge a phone).

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