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Shepard Landfill

Calgary’s first "brightfield" solar project adds a little extra green to green cart

Located at Shepard Landfill and Compost Facility, The City’s first ground mounted solar PV project was completed in May 2018. Termed a "Brightfield" this 1,080-kW project was constructed on a former race track, giving new lease to over 3 hectares of formerly developed land.

The project uses 2,700 solar panels, rated at 400W to produce electricity that directly fed into Calgary’s composting facility.

This new addition to Calgary's fleet of solar power plants, the Shepard Solar Park produces enough electricity to power over 185 average Calgary homes, while generating over 800 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions reductions a year.

Delivered as a partnership between The City of Calgary, ENMAX and The Alberta Municipal Solar Program, the $2.4M project will generate over $80,000 in avoided costs a year, with a payback om The City’s investment to be achieved within 10 years.

See how Shepard Park is performing