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Lending libraries - funding





Organize specific fundraising activities for the future.



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Organize specific fundraising activities for the future.

​​During the initial phase of your project, you will need to organize specific fundraising activities to ensure your library will be sustainable in the future. Start off by developing a budget for your library. A well thought out budget not only allows you to predict your future financial needs, but will help you figure out how much money you need to raise as part of your fundraising efforts.

How to raise funds

Once you have a budget established, you will then need to figure out how to raise funds for your library. Some possibilities include:

  • Relying on donations from your planning or project group
  • Partnering up with other organizations
  • Exploring grant opportunities within your city, town or locality
  • Using crowdfunding as an option to raise funds


Setting up a membership as part of your lending library is a great way to help manage your library and sustain it in the long run. Memberships can promote a sense of pride and ownership among members, automatically give members access to items in your library, and in some cases, help secure additional funds to help manage your library (e.g. buying new supplies, repairing broken supplies, providing volunteer recognition etc).

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