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Cappy Smart Band

Calgary Fire Department Chief James "Cappy​" Smart formed the Cappy Smart Band in the late 1800s. The group entertained the city's earliest citizens at a wide variety of venues, including ice-cream socials and at the opera house. It eventually disbanded in 1914 when its members volunteered for service in the First World War.

The band was reformed in 1993 and now has about 50 accomplished players, including active and retired firefighters and members of their families.

The Cappy Smart Band provides musical support for all Calgary Fire Department ceremonial functions. It also performs concerts for numerous charities and non-profit organizations. The band has played at the World Police and Fire Games in Calgary, Spain and Australia, performing for many international audiences at those venues.

The band's formal uniforms include black shirts and pants with red jackets, piping and official flashing.


Please call at least two months ahead of the scheduled date. For more information on the Cappy Smart Band and current activities, visit