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Heavy rescue

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) has a team of more than 90 firefighters who specialize in all aspects of heavy rescue and other advanced search and rescue procedures. Their training prepares them to work in dangerous and arduous conditions, including the following scenarios:

Building collapse

Members train extensively in analysis, search methods and rescue procedures in structures built with wood, steel, brick and reinforced concrete. They use a variety of specialized equipment, including hydraulic breaching tools and miniature search cameras.

Confined spaces

The team will respond to situations where people become trapped in hazardous or difficult-to-access environments, such as silos, tankers and other vessels. Crews will use supplied-air breathing apparatus and extrication tools to help effect timely rescues.

Mechanical entrapment/vehicle extrication

The heavy rescue unit's expertise is called upon in cases where people are trapped in industrial machinery or vehicles. Team members specialize in safe stabilization and disentanglement procedures, as well as post-accident medical protocols.

Rope rescue

Team members receive extensive hands-on training in rope and mechanical-advantage systems and are able to work effectively within extreme environments, including high altitude to below-grade horizontal or vertical environments.

Trench rescue

Team members are experienced and well trained in trench and tunnel collapses. A fully equipped trench rescue unit is on standby to initiate an immediate rescue of trapped or injured underground workers.