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Fire Safety Boxes

During an emergency, the Fire Safety Box program assists fire crews at times when buildings are closed or when information about the structure is not readily available. Through the program, Firefighters can obtain access to closed buildings through the exterior key lockbox.

The Fire Safety Box must be mounted on a wall at specified heights and distances from a principal entrance. Contact your fire safety provider to inquire about a Fire Safety Box for your building. A number of local suppliers should also stock Fire Safety Boxes.

For more information about Fire Safety Boxes, call the Calgary Fire Inspections and Investigations at 311 (from within Calgary) or 403-268-2489 (from outside Calgary).

Note DWG Format: To view or print the DWG drawings, you need AutoCAD software (or similar advanced rendering software). To save a file, right-click on the DWG link, and select Save As.


Fire Safety Plan box Information
Hazmat safety example
Vital building information
Fire Safety Plan Symbols (TIFF)
Fire Safety Plan Symbols (JPG)
Fire Safety Plan Symbols (DWG)
Sample building drawing
Sample zone coverage drawing