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Fire Cadet community involvement

Calgary firefighters have a strong history of community involvement and volunteerism. As a Fire Cadet, you are expected to volunteer within the community. Many such opportunities are available, however to complete the required hours, cadets may have to explore these on their own.

The Fire Cadet Program is divided into three levels, one for each semester. In order to continue to move onto each new level of the program, each cadet must complete the required amount of community service hours in addition to the weekly classes.

Required community service hours:
  • Level One – 10 service hours
  • Level Two – 14 service hours
  • Level Three – 16 service hours

Cadets must perform at least half of their community hours in Calgary Fire Department-related activities. These can include:
  • Firefighters Toy Association Christmas Party
  • Ambulance Chasers Run
  • Recruit Graduation
  • Firefighter's Museum
  • Media Boot Camp at the training academy
  • Blood Pressure Clinics
  • Stampede Parade