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Time commitment required to be a Fire Cadet


When are the classes?

Fire Cadet classes run one evening a week over the course of three school semesters. Each class of cadets meets from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Right now, classes occur on Wednesdays.

Is there any homework?

At the beginning of each level, you will be given a binder of material that will be covered during that semester. You must pre-read the appropriate chapter and answer the study questions prior to attending class each week.

What if I need to miss a class?

Each class usually consists of 45 minutes of physical activity, 45 minutes learning practical knowledge in the classroom and two hours participating in hands-on activities. The activities we do each week build on the knowledge and skills learned in previous weeks and therefore it is important that you attend each class. Permission to miss a class may only be granted under special circumstances deemed by the Cadet Training Officer.

What other time commitment is involved?

The program is divided into three levels, one for each semester. In order to continue to move onto each new level of the program, you must complete the required amount of community service hours in addition to the weekly classes.

Learning to maintain an acceptable balance between family, school and/or work, along with the cadet program, is a valuable life skill you will gain. If you have questions or doubts about meeting the time commitment, speak to your school career practitioner, seek out a current fire cadet or talk to the Cadet Office at 403-268-8774 or by e-mail at​​